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There is growing awareness and popularity in the use of mindfulness in all sorts of areas including schools, businesses and for individuals. Learning to be “present’ in the moment, rather than worrying about the past or concerned about the future can allow us to really be in that moment, fully experiencing all that it has to offer.

There is research evidence to show that practicing mindfulness on a daily basis can potentially help us in a variety of ways including stress reduction, pain management and improved concentration. Heather incorporates the use of mindfulness into her sessions with individual clients and her group work. 


Heather aims to make mindfulness as accessible as possible for clients, exploring how mindfulness practice can be included in their lives.

Mindfulness is suitable for children and adults alike and people can develop the skills at any age. 

(Please note if you have a mental health condition, it is important that you speak to your mental health professional before attending any Mindfulness sessions to ensure it is suitable for your condition).

Heather has always had an interest in the mind-body connection in relation to health and illness and is enthusiastic about the potential benefits that people can experience through hypnotherapy and mindfulness including pain control and stress management.

Heather Coppard   ADCyp GQHP


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