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Why is scar tissue massage ?

Why is scar tissue massage ?

I am excited ? to tell you that I will soon be offering Scar Massage treatments at Bramhall Osteopaths. ?? 

I have seen the impact of scars on my clients both physically and emotionally – along with my own personal experience. ? 

What is the benefit of Scar Massage Therapy and how can it help? ? 

Scar Massage Therapy is a gentle hands-on approach to promoting really quick changes in scar tissue – which could be useful for anyone has had surgery or trauma leaving external scarring. 

If you have a scar which is bothering you even if it is years old it is not too late to ask for some help and find out what can be done. ?? 

You don’t have to have many sessions to see if it’s effective for you, however not all issues can be resolved in one session alone, but normally after a couple of sessions you will see changes that show the therapy is working for you. 

As I have said, it is a gentle therapy – ??? we want to change the way the scar sits in your body. The tissues might be tight with tension in your body causing twinges aches/pains making movement difficult and therefore if we influence change within that without causing inflammation, we can bring about permanent change to make you feel more comfortable. 

Also, because it’s a nice gentle therapy its very emotionally therapeutic, scars can present a feeling of vulnerability and association with the trauma that occurred and having someone care and look after you in a nurturing way is emotionally recuperative.

Some people will want to come for preventative measures with more recent scars to do whatever they can to make it as well healed as possible. So that’s another reason to consider seeking out a Scar Massage Therapist. 

To find out more please contact Sally at Bramhall Osteopaths. 
Sally Triner MFHT MCHP
Massage Practitioner
07806 634979

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