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10 steps to happiness

10 steps to happiness

Professor Paul Dolan’s is one of the UK’s leading experts on well-being and author of Happy Ever After – escaping the myth of the perfect life

Here are his 10 steps to happiness 

If you apply these during this pandemic then they fit perfectly to GOLF ?️‍♀️ 

Golf fulfils all 10 steps – no wonder I love golf ?️‍♀️ ❤️

1. Go outside 
2. Keep moving 
3. Keep talking and listening 
4. Reach out, don’t stay lonely 
5. Help others 
6. Accept that it is hard
7. Value what you have 
8. Do sweat the small stuff
9. Don’t let go of purpose 
10. Remember we are all different               

Does your sport /  hobby / interest help you with these 10 steps ?

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