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Clinical aromatherapy

Clinical aromatherapy

#BOP top tips 
??? Rose Absolute essential oil  

One of my favourite oils is described as balancing, rejuvenating and relaxing.

The beautiful fragrance is deep, rich and floral with a hint honey, and it has a balancing and deeply relaxing effect on the mind and body. 

? is often described as the definitive feminine oil, during physical and emotional upheaval, it balances negative emotions such as anxiety and fear (of change) 

Basically it’s a HUG in a bottle!! ♥️?

I think this is something we could all do with at the moment ! 

Blended with other essential oils it’s a great therapeutic blend to use at home to help us relax and improve sleep. 

If you would like a bespoke blend made for you to use at home – do get in touch with me 

Take care of yourselves 
Justine Jackson 
Clinical Aromatherapist

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