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Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis

I’m sure you have all heard someone complain about it, maybe you’ve had it and didn’t know it; but what actually is plantar fasciitis. 

Plantar Fasciitis is an overuse condition affecting the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is a layer of soft tissue that stretches along the bottom arch of  the foot; It helps to provide stability to the arch of the foot and is similar to a tendonIf too much stress is placed on this structure, over time the tissue can degenerate, weaken, become inflamed and start to cause pain.

– Runners
– People who are overweight with a sedentary lifestyle
– People with poor footwear
– Those that have suddenly & significantly increased their training load 

– Pain at the bottom of the heel
– Pain that appears as a gradual onset
– Pain felt first thing in the morning (i.e. taking those first steps out of bed in the morning is classic!)
– Pain that increases with activity and pain felt at night (latter stages)
– Pain felt after periods of prolonged rest during the day
– Tight muscles that help to support the arch of the foot
– Stiffness through foot and ankle joints 

Due to its poor blood supply which is due to being the furthest distance from the heart, Plantar fasciitis is a tricky condition to treat which may require ongoing treatment from a few weeks to several months.

At Bramhall Osteopathic Practice we will assess your overall posture and pinpoint the underlying cause of your pain. Hands on treatment to release tight muscles and improve range of motion of the foot and ankle are a great starting point. This will work alongside a specific exercise plan and appropriate training and management strategies to get you back doing the things you love pain free!

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Chris Heywood (M.Ost)
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