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The Power of Massage

The Power of Massage

“An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor away”…do you remember that phrase? Well I reckon a ‘Massage a Month’ keeps the aches, pains, anxiety and Ibuprofen at bay!

I used to work in a very different industry and found myself visiting Bramhall Osteopaths intermittently to resolve my tension induced back and neck issues. I spent too much time either sitting at a desk/working on a computer/driving to client appointments – all with a headful of stress…sound familiar? Well after yet another episode of back problems my osteopath suggested that I might benefit from regular massages to keep my body in balance and to avoid the problems reaching a ‘critical’ stage. This sounded like a good plan but in truth I was somewhat sceptical – yes it would be nice to take an hour out every month to have a massage but would it make a difference?

Well, of course it did! So much so that I ended up leaving my job and retraining as a Massage Practitioner myself over 10 years ago. 

Sometimes we wait until there is a problem to do something about it, but instead why don’t you book a monthly massage to keep your body and mind in balance and take time to look after you!

Contact the practice on 0161 440 0298 to book your hour for you!

Full range of Massage Therapies available including Pregnancy, Full Body, Aromatherapy, Tibetan Head, Lymphatic Drainage, Tsuboki Japanese Facial Massage, Indian Head.

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