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Caution! Bag Carrying

Caution! Bag Carrying

Hands up!  Who has a bag that’s way too big with way too much “stuff” in?! 

The combination of the weight of your bag against muscles, tendons, nerves and ligaments- plus the way you compensate with your posture to accommodate the load can lead to many problems like: headaches, upper neck/shoulder pain, back pain, scoliosis, kyphosis and tendinitis in the elbow. When you carry something heavy every day, the accumulated stress can lead to significant injuries that require you to seek medical intervention. Everyone has seen articles on the effects of teenage posture caused by carrying heavy backpacks and school bags 

So how can you change things to improve this situation?

Come and see us here – we have a great choice of therapists and osteopaths who can help 

Change sides / cross your body 

Streamline the contents 

Distribute the load, use a wider strap 


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