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Treating Babies and Young Children

Treating Babies and Young Children

We love treating children at Bramhall Osteopathic Practice!

Over the years all four of our highly trained and experienced osteopaths have treated many babies, young children and adolescents. 

Children of all ages are hugely rewarding to treat and tend to respond well and quickly to gentle osteopathic intervention. The types of problems we treat depends on the age and health issues of each child.

Unsettled babies often carry tension in their bodies from difficult births, sensitive and immature digestive systems, or after infections/illnesses. Gentle osteopathic treatment often helps calm and balance their systems.

In young children a lot of their challenges link with their body’s adapting to growth spurts – the bones lengthen and muscles have to stretch and rebalance their function. This can result in aches and pains in muscles and joints. This can also be compounded by modern lifestyle and poor posture when using iPads, laptops, PlayStation, Xbox, carrying heavy school bags and lack of exercise. 
Osteopathic treatment and exercise advice is often helpful.

Teenagers meanwhile still have the challenges of growth but also hormonal changes and the constant build up of stress with study and exams
Osteopaths can help improve their posture and spinal function, relax them and make useful suggestions with regard to posture, exercise and relaxation.

If you would like any advice or to book an appointment to see our osteopathic team please do ring the practice on 0161 440 0298 and we’d love to help.

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