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Changes to our covid routine in clinic March 2022

Changes to our covid routine in clinic March 2022

Changes in our Covid Routine ? 

Things are finally starting to calm down on the Covid front. More people are fully vaccinated and generally anyone contracting Covid seems to recover much more easily.  ??

We are evolving our Covid routine in response to this but still need to be vigilant. 

We have been advised to continue to request that patients wear masks in the building and practitioners and staff will also continue to do this. ? 

The use of aprons and gloves in the treatment room is no longer necessary, but each Practitioner is happy to continue to do this if it makes patients feel safer.  

We will continue to maintain very high standard of cleanliness – using paper sheets on tables and sanitising tables between patients. ? ? 
Patients all have their individual fleece blanket for use during their treatment.  

Our waste disposal routine has been modified in keeping with recent advice. 

Patient reminders will just include a question about their general health.  

We encourage patients not to attend if they have Covid or are generally unwell in any way. ? 

Our staff will be vulnerable moving away from a totally aseptic environment to more normality, so we need to respect this. We are starting to use the waiting rooms again – but please try to not to come too early as we are trying to still limit numbers in the building. 

Otherwise, we hope you will continue to feel safe and well looked after whilst you are here. 

We all appreciate the support and respect you have shown the practice during these very testing two years.  

We are so lucky to have such amazing patients and such a great team.  

Please do contact us if you have any concerns. 

Keep well 
Jo Cheaney – Osteopath 
Picture of Mr Bear Bones ? ?

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